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Emilia 5
Delving Deep with the Iceberg Model
Helping to build thinking skills in young children
Stock and flow Y2_1
“Stocking up” on beliefs and values
How year 2 students used the Stock and Flow tool to help them reflect on their own personal beliefs and values 
Stock and Flow MYP feature
Bringing the bubbles to Science
Students use the Stock and Flow tool to explore desired behaviours in Science Class
Bath of toys
Sticky Fingers
How the Stock and Flow tool can be used in a Nursery setting to explain how classroom toys are not an infinite resource.
The Currency of Trust
Using the Stock and Flow to explore the need for and value of trust in a high-risk environment.
Check ins
Small Group Check-ins
A short description of the three parts of small group Check-in
Internal Weather Check
What’s the weather today?
Mindfulness and a check-in
SIL iceberg video
School Improvement Leads present the Iceberg Model
Jodie iceberg 1
How do we feel about Math?
Exploring systems within our school using the Iceberg
image 1
Our Happiness Classroom
How an engineering teacher in Thailand used check-ins to open hearts and minds to the possibility of building a better world.
Making IB Programme Standards and Practices Aspirational
How an Aspirational Iceberg was used as a Framework for Developing IB Programmes
curriculum iceberg
An Iceberg Lens
Curriculum review using the aspirational iceberg
Support iceberg crop
Support Team Design
Using the Iceberg model to reveal the relationship between mental models and aspirations
BSJ check in intro
How Do Students Explain Check-ins?
Behind Jakob’s Story from the Field
How Jakob created the check-ins featured in his "Story from the Field".
Regino 3 part
A Check-in Trio of Tools
Combining compassionate systems tools to enhance Check-ins
Nine layers of Check-in
How Sylvie Mazerolle found a place for check-in within the many different communities she inhabits.
Framing the Iceberg for Teachers
Three different frames for teachers to use when applying the Iceberg tool to their practice
DC line
The Power of Checking-in
View Jacob and Charlotte's slides from the Asia Pacific Community call in May 2022
iceberg_Doraemon Cartoon_feature
What Have I done?
Student Iceberg activity using the Doraemon Cartoon to uncover the iceberg below hiding a low test score
watercolour iceberg new normal
Returning to Normal – How Do We Feel About That?
Using an aspirational Systems Thinking Iceberg with school administrators during the post-covid reopening of schools
A Thriving Workforce
Using the Systems Thinking Iceberg to explore the complex issue of staff workforce
Service as Liberation
Using an Aspirational Systems Thinking Iceberg to Improve Customer Service
Compassionate Classroom Observations
Using the Systems Thinking Iceberg to Reimagine Teacher Appraisal
Cultivating Inclusive Cultures
Using Systems Thinking Iceberg examples during a workshop focused on Cultivating an Inclusive Culture
Shape the Space – Shape the Future
Using the Systems Thinking Iceberg to Explore "The Physical Learning Environment of the School of the Future"
Why Teachers Rarely Speak Up In Meetings
Using the Systems Thinking Iceberg at a Principals Roundtable in Hong Kong
Student Icebergs
Icebergs created by Compassionate Systems Students from Around the World
Systems Thinking Iceberg slides shared by Michelle Perrenoud from the California Community Call 12-3-2020_Side_1
Slide Deck Introducing The Systems Thinking Iceberg
A Systems Thinking Iceberg Slide presentation created and used by Michelle Perrenoud to introduce the tool.
BSJ Student Icebergs_1
Sensing Systems in the Community
Middle Years Students Reflect on their Community projects using the Iceberg