Learn more about the work of the Center for Systems Awareness by reading about our various projects or apply to attend one of our programs here.


At the Center for Systems Awareness, we have a strong emphasis on capacity building to support learning and development for very diverse groups of people to become compassionate systems practitioners and leaders.

We host open introductory workshops for those who are interested to start working with a systems awareness orientation. And we run longer term, broad scale change projects where capacity building is an integrated aspect of our support and commitment.


Blended program with multiple virtual convenings plus one week-long, in-person retreat.

Contemplative Faculty: Hanneli Ågotsdatter & Søren Munk

Facilitator: Mette Miriam Boell

Eligibility: Compassionate Systems Master Practitioners

Facilitated by Peter Senge & Mette Miriam Boell

November 28 - December 1, 2022 | 9am to 3pm WIB


Virtual: Zoom

Facilitated by Peter Senge & Mette Miriam Boell

March 7-10, 2023 | 9am to 3pm EST

Location: Zoom and MIT, Cambridge, MA


Facilitated by Peter Senge & Mette Miriam Boell

June 2022 through July 2023

Blended course including one face-to-face workshop at The Garrison Institute, New York.

Eligibility: Compassionate Systems Framework workshops alumni


Below is a broad categorical overview of the various types of projects Center for Systems Awareness is involved with. Click through the images below for a more detailed description of the work.

Watch a one-hour webinar with Peter Senge & Mette Boell on Compassionate Systems.


Over the past years, we have been prototyping the systems awareness work in multiple settings. We are continuously designing more substantial pilots and projects based on the findings of these prototypes, within each of the below categories. New research publications will be available regularly.