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"At its core, the Compassionate Systems framework offers a living commitment to continuously practice care and attention, to aspire to greater clarity of mind and heart, and to practice kindness as a way of life."

– Dr. Mette Miriam Boell

"I notice that I am more present, I am more able to slow down and really listen and be aware of my surroundings.  I feel because of this, I'm better at sensing my own inner landscape as well as others and groups."

- Compassionate Systems Master Practitioner,  Class of 2022-2023

The experience of doing this work feels like coming home to me.

- Compassionate Systems Master Practitioner, Class of 2020-2021

“To cultivate compassion is to be able to understand and appreciate the systemic forces and lived experiences that influence people’s feelings and actions.  The word compassion literally means ‘standing with the experience (and especially the suffering) of the other.'”

– Dr. Mette Miriam Boell

Around the world a renaissance is unfolding in education, driven by a combination of bold new ideas and increasing awareness of the necessity for societal change – and the radical idea that young people could be key leaders in these changes and education a key vehicle.

The Center for Systems Awareness exists to advance this renaissance based on profound inter-connectedness as the integrating idea – that 'self,' 'other,' society and the larger natural world all arise as entwined systems of relationships – and that recovering our sense of connectedness and caring at each level can shape our future.

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