The Youth Leadership Team supports teachers in facilitating youth ambassador groups and bringing the Compassionate Systems Framework tools and practices into classrooms.


Strategic action and deliberate implementation are vital in bringing compassion and systems awareness into the classroom. In what ways can I authentically bring the frameworks into my teachings? This is a question many teachers face when returning from an introduction to Compassionate Systems workshop or training. 

The Youth Leadership Team collaborates closely with managing director Jane Drake who specializes in teacher training. Together they offer customized workshops for teachers and support curriculum development. This collaboration provides a unique approach to school site development as it considers the perspectives of all parties involved. The Youth Leadership Team prioritizes students’ perspectives and also invites members of the Youth Council to participate. Additionally, Jane Drake's experiences in teacher, senior leadership, and curriculum development roles ensure a close to 360-degree perspective. 

As the Youth Leadership Team continues to create new connections, it is helping to shape a web of compassionate teachers who inspire one another using the framework. The self-sustaining youth ambassador groups at school sites are facilitated by teachers, and the Youth Leadership Team works to support their capacities to facilitate the youth ambassador groups.