Gustav Böll

Assistant Director of Youth Leadership 

Gustav Böll is the Assistant Director of Youth Leadership at the Center for Systems Awareness. His role is to lead the Youth Team and their efforts of training students and teachers from around the world on the Compassionate Systems Framework. Gustav Böll holds a BA in International Studies from Roskilde university.
The Youth Team also facilitates the global youth network of compassionate systems thinkers through an international Youth Council with highly engaged students from 8 countries and collaborative projects between schools focused on The Sustainable Development Goals.
Gustav Böll is passionate about the Climate Crisis and a climate activist. Moreover, he has co-created a program called Compassionate Climate which deals with the Systems properties of the climate crisis and offers perspectives on dealing with the associated emotions to move from apathy to constructive action.
His ambitions include teaching world leaders the understanding of complexity in a compassionate way, getting them to work together instead of working against each other and creating a world better suited to take on the challenges of our time.