Jane Drake

Managing Director

Jane has over 25 years of global experience in teaching, senior leadership and curriculum development roles.  Jane worked as a research scientist before moving into education, first in the UK before moving into international education. Her experience encompasses education for students from 3-18 and adult professional development for teachers and leaders, both within school and organizational contexts. Prior to joining the Center for Systems Awareness, Jane was the head of curriculum innovation and alignment for the International Baccalaureate  (IB).  As the facilitator for the incubation of the compassionate systems framework in IB schools, Jane was intimately connected to this work from the start and is committed to supporting others to grow compassionate systems within their own contexts.

As a Senior Consultant with the Center, Jane’s role is to support the community to bring compassionate systems to life within schools. More specifically, she works with schools in incorporating a compassionate systems framework in curriculum and instructional design. Additionally, she works on identifying and developing the capacities needed by leaders to successfully implement this approach in schools.

Typical activities Jane engages in include professional development, ongoing support and development of schools directly through coaching and resource development, the nurturing of hubs and other communities of practice, development of support materials, research around implementation and impact, and the development of a compassionate systems lab school (physical or virtual!).

Jane is driven by the belief that education is a powerful force for shaping a better future. She believes that schools do not exist just to slot young people into roles limited by our current paradigm, but to develop capable young people who can shape the kind of world we would all want them to be successful in.