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The future of our planet lies with the youth of today

The vision of the Youth Leadership Team is to increase the capacity for compassion, systems awareness, and self-mastery by training students worldwide and to develop compassionate leaders of the future.

For a decade, this team has been designing highly efficient and meaningful learning experiences in which the pursuit of knowledge, social and emotional literacy, self-agency, collaborative skills, and personal growth may be discovered and embodied using the Compassionate Systems Framework.


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The purpose of our existence (WHY)

We contribute to systems change through training compassionate leaders of tomorrow. The Youth Leadership Team's purpose is to increase the bandwidth for compassion, systems awareness, and self-mastery amongst young students worldwide. When collaborating, we design highly efficient and meaningful learning experiences where the pursuit of knowledge, skills, self-agency, and personal growth is discovered and embodied. 

The Youth Leadership Team stands on the shoulders of the thinkers behind the compassionate system frameworks by the Center for Systems Awareness to increase awareness, craft, and confidence through team-based, project-based, and blended learning methodology. 

As you are all finishing this learning journey and continuing or begging to bring your learnings and insight into practice, we offer our help with anything that has to do with youth. 

Extending and sustaining your current work.

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The Youth Leadership Team navigates within the values and approaches of the Center.

However, through many years of working with young people, they have discovered meaningful ways of delivering deep insights in a way that is tangible, engaging and relevant for youth.


Evolving personal capacity to discover and become a greater expression of one’s essence in a way that contributes to one’s role nested in a living system. “Attempting to foster systems change without growing capacity to “see” systems leads to much talk and minimal result

To shift a larger system, we must also grow the capacity of those in it. 

We work on three levels and the interconnectedness there of: 

Inner Development and Well-being
Staying grounded when facing challenges, distractions and uncertainty requires a sense of emotional literacy. Cultivating one’s well-being and seeking to develop a practice that supports the individual's sense of purpose/direction through contemplative practices, deep listening, storytelling and self-compassion.  

Other - Relational Capacities
Engaging and listening authentically to others can help cultivate a strong sense of compassion. Communicating and collaborating with kindness is vital for nurturing a generative social field in peer-to-peer and project-based learning. Seeking to create a safe space for young people to learn, have fun and appreciate the company of others. 

Outer - Understanding Living Systems
Recognizing the interconnected nature of life and looking for patterns below the flow of events are ways to develop systems awareness. Seeking to understand universal archetypes of systems dynamics appearing in the systems we live and breathe in. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are used as a tool in which to engage in complex social challenges.



Compassionate Systems Hubs
Compassionate Systems
Compassionate Systems Youth Leadership

Rødovre Municipality | DENMARK

Save the Children | JORDAN

International School of Zug & Luzern | SCHWEIZ

Dulwich College | SINGAPORE

International School of Indiana | USA

Valor College Prep | Indiana | USA

British Columbia Ministry of Education | CANADA

California Department of Education | USA

National Center For Youth Law | USA


What have I realised, or become aware of by participating in the youth council that I didn't know before?

Caitlyn Limbert

Fostering worldwide youth networks, the Youth Council has given me the opportunity to connect with fellow students around the world regardless of background, and has taught me the significance of collective youth leadership in tackling systemic global challenges.

Kee Hung
Kee Hung Giam

I've had a newfound appreciation for meditation and grounding. These skills allow me to be fully present in whatever situation I'm in, and allow me to think more clearly.

Zara Sattar
Zara Sattar

Through the use of compassionate systems tools and skills taught through the youth council, I've been given countless opportunities to voice my thoughts and opinions, as well as help others do the same.

Miglia Garbers

When in a stressful situation it is best to stop and analyse before jumping to conclusions where a person is coming from.


The Youth Council is a student ambassador community that seeks to grow, collaborate, innovate, and dive deep into the Compassionate Systems Framework.

The Youth Council is a community for student ambassadors and a trained group of 12-18 year old students that meets biweekly. They are shaping a future movement of Compassionate Systems student ambassadors and compassionate practitioners who are better able to respond to addressing complex social challenges.  

As the Compassionate System Framework continues to inspire practitioners worldwide, we at the Center for Systems Awareness wanted to create a space where student ambassadors could connect across countries. Fostering students - the key individual and the educational system's primary beneficiaries - to take compassionate action and remind actors in the field of education to include these vital perspectives in the decision-making processes is integral to our vision.

# the youth knows what the youth needs

We at the Center engage with youth as equal partners and change agents as any other stakeholders in our community of practitioners. Thus youth are part of essential activities such as attending introductory workshops, engaging in research design, attending global community calls, involved in strategic developments, sharing social media, and much more. 

Working closely with the Youth Council, a group of young, Compassionate Systems practitioners an emerging leaders, is a privilege. Listening to their perspectives and vivid stories continues to be a profound and meaningful experience, and it offers our community a young, global, and compassionate perspective on complex social challenges.

“The feeling of being heard is what makes compassionate systems so special (..) They would always listen to us and hear us out.” (Zara)


Since this is the latest addition to our efforts, we are still developing our strategy and prototyping our interventions. We recently hosted a Compassionate Climate workshop with climate activists from various activist organizations and movements in Copenhagen, and we plan to expand this effort to form a Compassionate Systems academy for activists from across the globe.

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