The Youth Leadership Team supports teachers in facilitating youth ambassador groups and bringing the Compassionate Systems Framework tools and practices into classrooms.



This team seeks to do the following:

  • Grow students’ capacities in navigating, learning and embodying the framework 
  • Inspire teachers in bringing the framework’s tools and practices into play
  • Support the development of strategic partnerships that support the implementation of the tools and practices into the school curriculum and culture
  • Cultivate youth ambassadors groups that may choose to take part in the Center for Systems Awareness global community of young practitioners


The Youth Leadership Team creates student training for all ages, from pre-k to grade 12, and adapts the Compassionate Systems Framework to the interests and abilities of a variety of age groups.

The trainings we develop stand on the shoulders of Compassionate Systems introductory workshops. Various formats are offered, including individualized support to a single school site or supporting multiple school sites with hybrid (part in-person and part virtual) formats. 

** We place importance on meeting students in person when they start a new collaboration. A 3-5 day workshop at a school site requires in-person attendance. However, online workshops can be a supplement and serve as an extension of the in-person workshops.