Many consider the climate crisis the biggest challenge of the 21st century. Together we face the crisis, yet in many cases, it seems to divide us rather than unite us. All aspects of our lives are profoundly interconnected with other global issues of our time, including racial, gender-based, and geographical injustice.


Particularly in the younger generation, it is evident how the outer state of our planet has profound implications on and correlates with our inner states of wellbeing, compassion, and belonging. Since today's generation are the future change-makers, supporting them in developing the necessary capacities for meaningfully engaging with the crisis is vital. 

The capacity to understand the crisis from a Systems Awareness perspective offers to learn systems dynamics, such as tipping points, delay effects, and stock & flow dynamics. Secondly, when confronted with this crisis's current reality and severity, it is paramount to create a space in which the emotions associated with these insights can be shared, held, and ultimately utilized as a driving force rather than leading to apathy paralysis. 

Through projects such as the Compassionate Climate program and the Rise summer program “Climate Change & You”, a growing community of compassionate leaders explores the climate crisis through the Compassionate Systems lenses. 

Exploring a Compassionate Approach to climate crisis in Education

Article by Gustav Böll on youth, compassionate frameworks and climate change.

If you are interested in developing the capacities for a compassionate systems approach to climate crisis education in your community – please reach out to

Compassionate Climate Program 

The Compassionate Climate Program seeks to create a space for an international, multi-generational group of like-minded individuals seeking to improve their knowledge and capacities to mitigate climate change. The overarching goals of this program are to bring these vital capacities into school sites and foster an international community of change-makers. 

The Youth Leadership Team anchors their conversations in the En-ROADS climate simulator, developed by Climate Interactive and the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative, to understand climate policy in depth. In addition, students who are passionate about using the simulator are supported in completing the Mastering En-ROADS program, which allows them to become an En-ROADS ambassador. This is also an opportunity to become connected with a global climate community of like-minded individuals. 

Our Climate Compassionate Program | Class of 2023-24 | runs (start date) through (end date).