NEWSLETTER Mid-Year | 2023

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Dear Global Community,

We hope you will enjoy this Mid-Year newsletter.

As we are sure many of you have experienced first-hand how the interest for our collective work for compassionate systems change is growing and gaining traction in a multitude of places around the world – also outside of the education realm. We are among the great many who know that the old structures are crumbling and that it matters how we grow the new – it matters who we are and how we show up as we collectively hold our world with care and responsibility for future generations. We believe the Compassionate Systems change work appeals to so many because the balance of attending to how we show up in concert with focusing on underlying system structures and not just reacting to events speaks to a deep, intrinsic longing to be “good ancestors” for generations yet to come.

Now, because of this growth and expansion, this newsletter resembles a window allowing us to peek into the flow of dynamic processes unfolding in a multitude of inspiring ways led by so many of you. Here at the Center, we are in an ongoing process of restructuring our organization, so that we may model the kind of organization we would envision to see, in the aspired future of a society based on Compassionate Systems. We have onboarded new staff – again. And we have developed new programs, the Foundations II workshops, to meet the needs of the growing community. In July, Cohort 4 of the Master Practitioners graduated. Each year we are touched by the incredibly dedicated efforts of the practitioners, our amazing reviewer partners, and the Center staff who somehow make this session work, spending five full days over a week on zoom – with many staying up all night to accommodate the 15 different time zones where we live.   And, in June, the new Cohort 5 began their growth and learning journey towards the certification.  As always, we are honored and grateful for the opportunity to work so deeply with “the world” represented by you and your peers.

Meanwhile, lean back, enjoy and connect – and we hope to see you soon in some form or other.

Compassionate wishes,
Mette and Peter


In This Month’s Issue:

Foundation ll for Systems Awareness Workshop – By Mette Miriam Boell

Systems Awareness Research Conference | Systems Awareness Lab

Certification Program for Compassionate Systems Master Practitioners – By Julie Diaz

Equity as a Way of Life: Introducing a Compassionate Systems Approach – By Tiffany Gipson, Shirley Giroux, Neeni Lomborg and Troy Selvey

Upcoming Youth Council | Cycle Four Open for Applications by the Youth Leadership Team
Climate Change & You | Program 2023

Third Cohort of How to Hold Space: Compassionate Systems Facilitation for Cultivating Generative Social Fields
Foundations I: Introduction to Compassionate Systems Framework | Upcoming Hybrid Workshops in 2023 and 2024
Global Community Call (dates)

Staff update

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