Julia Kortt

Senior Curriculum Officer
Yew Wah Education Management (YCYW Education Network)
Hong Kong Hub | ASIA

Julia Kortt is an experienced international educator with over 15+ years working in Australia, Switzerland, Shanghai and Hong Kong. 

Currently based in Hong Kong she works for the YCYW Education Network. As a Senior Curriculum Officer, she collaboratively drives forward the strategic curriculum direction for 15+ schools in Hong Kong and China. She designed the Y1-9 Social Studies curriculum, project leads all schools to develop ‘whole school’ curriculum mapping, and is developing the organisation’s Service-Learning Framework to value both the East and West in Bilingual Learning Communities.  

Recently she completed the course for Compassionate Systems Leadership. It resonated so strongly how all communities, whether schools, home, or the wider world need to focus on being present and leading with our heart and mind. She is passionate that every student feels deeply connected, valued and heard. Every day she lives by what a university lecturer once told her “all children deserve to be loved like they are the most important person on earth.” As educators and parents this is the most important work we will ever do.