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Welcome to our end-of-year newsletter!

We, at the Center have had an exciting Fall season, with numerous in-person and hybrid workshops in several of the core sites and hub for the compassionate systems change work. It has been wonderful visiting so many of our Master Practitioners in their “natural habitats” and help them grow and cultivate the processes they are involved with. It has been wonderful, and at the same time sobering to experience the distress, burnout and trauma so many students and educators are living with – we assume for much longer that we would like to think – but which has truly been unveiled by covid. The world needs healing and nurture, our planet and all the people and other species on it need healing and nurture. Our children are not thriving, broadly speaking, and we have to find ways to fundamentally redesign the structures of society. For us, it is a blessing and a consolation to experience first-hand the amazing work so many of you are engaging in, throughout the many places where this work is growing, and we are truly humbled and inspired to see the creativity, commitment and care that is woven into the gradual redesign of education  through your efforts. You bring us hope.
This season has also seen the upstart of the new Systems Awareness Lab at MIT and we are excited with the opportunity to begin to study the impact of the work we are all involved in, through innovative, emergent research protocols – many of which are still in the making. This coming year will see the upstart of whole-systems change efforts that we will study rigorously over time, in 3 distinct sites in California. We hope these efforts will inform and fuel the work in many other places in the world as well and we look forward to sharing what we learn with you all.

For now, we wish you a peaceful Holiday season, may you all have love and joy and find nourishment in your lives. Happy New Year and we look forward to reconnecting in 2023.

Compassionate wishes, Mette and Peter


In This Month’s Issue:

MiT Systems Awareness Lab & Systems Awareness Research Conference at MIT – By Mette Miriam Boell

– By Jane Drake
Foundations for Compassionate Systems Leadership workshop | Humboldt County, CA
Compassionate Systems in Staten Island Schools | New York
Jakarta Introduction to Compassionate Systems Workshop & Asia Pacific Calls |  Jakarta, Indonesia

How to Hold Space Program & Global Contemplative Calls
– By Mette Miriam Boell, Hanneli Ågotsdatter and Søren Munk
Celebrating our Master Practitioners – By Jane Drake
Compassionate Systems Community Calls – Asia-Pacific and California

Introduction to the Equity Series – by Peter Senge

Upcoming Youth Council Cycle – open for Applications by the Youth Leadership Team
Youth Leadership and the Climate Crisis – by Gustav Böll

Introduction to Compassionate Systems | March 7th-10th | 2023 |  At MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (Hybrid workshop)
Compassionate Climate Program
Certification Program for Compassionate Systems Master Practitioners | Class of 2023-24 | Cohort 5
Global Community Call
Deep Dive Calls

Compassionate Systems Event Calendar
Staff update



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