NEWSLETTER End of Year | 2021

Dear Global Community,

On these final days of another weird and unpredictable year, we want to thank you all for the work you do to bring compassionate systems awareness to the many places you work and live. Thank you also for all your support and participation in the various virtual events the Center has hosted this year, thank you for your commitment and perseverance – also when times are unsettling with so many of us under pressure because of covid and all the side-effects that 2 years of pandemic has brought along in our world. We are delighted to see so many of you as often as we do on zoom and hope that 2022 will bring a fresh beginning of being together also in person.

Going forward, we will prioritize learning how to create inspiring “blended” (face to face and virtual access) learning spaces, so that we can keep the good things about working virtually – making our programs way more accessible and sparing a lot of airline travel and thus minimizing our CO2 footprint as a community. Hopefully, this year will teach us how to host a blended group of people in a manner where the profound sense of connection and intimacy will prevail no matter which format people are present in.  We are excited to see how this will play out and are always grateful for your feedback.

We are also working hard to expand our website with a community platform where you will be able to share examples of your work with peers, and hopefully be able to find inspiration and help for how you want to work with the various compassionate systems tools and practices. We will also open up a community calendar, where you may keep track of events hosted by master practitioners in your local sites and hubs.

Much to look forward to and we believe 2022 will be a marvelous year – hopefully also for the millions of children we jointly – directly or indirectly – influence with our decisions and way of being in the world. May people everywhere experience a sense of purpose and connectedness in more generative social fields in the year to come!

Happy New Year from
Mette and Peter and the Center for Systems Awareness team


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