NEWSLETTER February | 2020

Welcome to our very first newsletter.

Since The Center for Systems Awareness launched its new website in July 2019, the work of bringing Compassionate Systems leadership to the world has grown massively, and we would like to give you just a tiny taste of all the exciting happenings around the planet.

The website itself serves as our virtual home, so please visit us whenever you can – we will update it frequently and should you not be able to find answers to your questions on the site, please feel free to reach out to Center staff who will always do their best to support requests.

On the website you will find a lexicon of the terminology of systems awareness; texts about how we approach the work with the 17 global sustainable development goals, tools like the mandala for systems change, along with an ever-growing body of resources, recommended readings and overviews of our different programs and events. We always welcome any feedback or questions you may have. Just as we launched our online home in July, we also launched our first cohort of Master Practitioners in Compassionate Systems – and many of our news posts will bring tidings of what is happening in the sites and hubs around the globe and efforts that the master practitioners are leading in their local settings. All of this underlines a core premise of the work – global transformation takes place in local sites, and we are delighted and awe-inspired by our many close partners around the world.

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