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Dear Global Community,

Welcome to our end of year newsletter.

2023 has been an inspiring and intense year for us at the Center for Systems Awareness. As many of you know, we had to say goodbye to Julie Diaz as she brings her focus to her local community, and who was loved and appreciated by all of those of us who had the pleasure of working closely with her. And we have had the great pleasure of onboarding Tyee Chin and Trina Haygaru.  Both are certified master practitioners who we have worked with for many years and are actively involved in the operational side of running the Center as well as deeply immersed in the site development work in California and the related research studies through the MIT Systems Awareness Lab. We feel blessed to have both on our team and helping to shape a new organizational model that we are prototyping in 2024 and will be excited to share with you all soon.

We are among many who intuit and sense shifts in the underlying structures that shape the fabric of our societies. Covid and today’s post-Covid reality have been powerful eye-openers, revealing gaps in systems designed for a different time than the one we live in today.  Our systems of commerce, education and governance consistently produce outcomes that are woefully inadequate – and frequently harmful – for human and planetary flourishing.

In this time of awakening, there is tremendous interest in the work of all of us with the compassionate systems framework, within but also beyond education. We can’t help but think this growing momentum signals a new awareness that the changes we seek cannot be achieved just on the ‘outside’ – that the outside and inside are inseparable, and that, without this grounded awareness, otherwise sincere efforts at “systems change” become exercises in frustration.

We will invite everyone to join us on this journey in 2024. We will continue to focus on education because we believe focusing on the well-being of children and young people is a key lever in fostering common purpose, and because the leadership of youth remains an untapped vehicle for change. But, as more people are willing to internalize these tools and practices and show up with a commitment to cultivating clarity and kindness, we feel that we should be of support for folks outside of the realm of education also. We are excited to see what learning and insights a broadening of our focus may bring, and we are committed to sharing what we learn with you all, as always.

We exit 2023 with devastating wars with Israel and Palestine, in Ukraine, and in many other places on our beautiful earth, our shared home. Embedded structures of oppression foster huge and growing inequities between people and countries.  And, the pandemic of stress, anxiety and depression sweeps up children and adults alike.  Amidst a multitude of expressions of suffering throughout the world, we feel blessed to be in community with you all, that we may collectively do what we can to alleviate suffering and shape more generative fields for all to live and thrive in.

May you have a peaceful and restorative holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you next year.

In gratitude and respect, 
Mette and Peter



In this Issue:

Highlights from Asia Pacific Hub – By Lana Cook
Upcoming Global & Contemplative Calls – By Miho Kito
Celebrating 5 years of the Master Practitioner Community – By Jane Drake

The Lab Research Design Seminar Series – By Lana Cook

A Bridge to Equity: A Personal Journey in Transforming School Systems That Colonialism Built – By Jill Jensen
Role of Compassion in Climate Crisis (YouTube video)
AUHSD Future Talks: Dr. Mette Miriam Boell (YouTube video)

Compassionate Systems Youth Council 2024 – Invitation to Cycle Five by the Youth Leadership Team
Spotlight on Valor Collaboration – Jonas Jebril

Foundations II for Systems Awareness – New offering in February 2024 – By Mette Boel
Announcing Workshop Dates for 2024 – By Miho Kito 

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