MIT Full STEAM Ahead, a new timely website for teaching and learning at a distance

MIT’s recent launched website called  MIT Full STEAM Ahead is a collection of resources that MIT is putting together for teaching and learning online.

By providing STEAM-based instructional materials and open forum, they aim to inspire a diverse global community of educators, students, and parents to find innovative and humanistic solutions to the challenges of learning at a distance. Peter and Mette have contributed to Full STEAM Ahead.

Peter shared his insight on How we learn from modeling and Systems and Epidemics – impact all individuals have in the Week 1 module  Spread of Disease.


Mette guided some meditations on video with a few guided check-in questions related to the Compassionate Systems Framework in the Week 5 module Observing Yourself.

These basic, guided meditations with Dr. Mette Miriam Böll can be used throughout the day in all kinds of settings. She writes, “When you get up in the morning to allow some peace and quiet into your day, when you find yourself overwhelmed with emotions or chores during the day or if you find yourself in a conflictual situation you always have the option of stopping, become aware of your body and your breath and spend a little time noticing how you feel and calm yourself down. You may stay with the silence for a while and journal for yourself to allow the reflections and inner landscape to become expressed and acknowledged. Enjoy.” To learn more about the work she and Prof. Peter Senge do with the Center for Systems Awareness, click here to read a report on their Compassionate Systems Framework in Schools.

Questions: How am I today? Where do I feel a sense of connectedness with other human beings?

Questions: How am I today?  What am I grateful for?

Questions: How am I today? What is something that I would like to conserve and anchor for me in times of change?

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