Cultivating Generative Social Fields | Mette Boell

Emerge: Making Sense of What’s Next with Mette Boell

In this podcast, Mette is in conversation with Daniel Thorson about the study of social fields They talk about generative vs. degenerative fields, the relationship between fields and systems and about how generative fields create nurturing spaces for learning and flourishing. Mette shares some of the ways in which she has been trying to identify characteristics of a generative field,  and how the combination of systems science and systems sensing can help educate people to respond to the complex challenges of our world, in general. With anecdotes and insights from the global Compassionate Systems community in K-12 education, Mette outlines how we begin to see the impact of a focus on cultivating generative fields that empower young people and she illustrates these points by sharing stories from the prototypes of this work in the education system around the world.

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