Compassionate Systems Asia Pacific Community Calls

By Richard Owens and Dave Secomb

A new Asia Pacific Compassionate Systems practitioners online community was launched in May to nurture the development of the regional community. The community calls helped connect practitioners from the various hubs that have emerged in Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Thailand, and Singapore. Each online gathering began with an opening contemplative practice, followed by case studies and opportunities for shared reflection and open dialogue. The case studies featured in the first series included: The Check-In from Dulwich College in Singapore, Stock and Flow Diagrams from Woodleigh School in Australia, The Vision Principle from the Japan practitioners, Generative Social Fields from Lutheran Education South Australia, Northern Territory, and West Australia, and The Systems Iceberg from the practitioners in Japan and Thailand.

The first series of Asia Pacific Community Calls proved to be a great success, with over 100 people registered for the calls and regularly joining online or watching the session recordings. In terms of community building, the ‘we’ of the region has turned out to be a diverse, vibrant collection of master practitioners, master practitioners-in-training, teachers, school leaders, parents, counselors, social entrepreneurs, and staff from the Center for Systems Awareness. Special thanks to the extended group of community members who helped bring the calls to life Jane, Roger, Jacob and Charlotte, as well as everyone who presented.

We look forward to the next series of calls and the further development of this fantastic regional community. Here are some reflections from a few participants:

Sincere thanks for making this happen! It was so brilliant to be part of it. It was well organized and beautifully facilitated. It was such a joy to be part of, and I am so grateful to you for your commitment to providing access to those of us on this side of the world to connect, share and learn. (Mignon Weckert, LESNW)

Thank-you for the gift of these calls. They provided me with a place where I could practice, reflect and share with others. I looked forward to joining the calls after work each week. I loved connecting with others in the breakout sessions and seeing what is happening in other places. (survey response)

I really love the calls. Powerful examples of practice and a joy to connect with others. It’s an inspiring way to end my day. I can’t wait to see how this all evolves. (survey response)

If you would like to know more about the Asia Pacific Community Calls, please contact: or

Dave Secomb
Principal | Tokyo International School
Southeast Asia Hub | JAPAN
Richard Owens
Director of Learning and Strategy, Woodleigh School | Director, Woodleigh Institute
Australia Hub | AUSTRALIA



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