Jane Drake

Senior Consultant
Center for Systems Awareness
Global Site Development | GLOBAL

Jane Drake is a leader in curriculum innovation for a global education group which develops international, values-based programmes of education for students around the world. Her work has included the design of systemic frameworks for programme implementation and development, development of principles for inclusion and the effective nurturing of collaborations with key organizations and researchers to develop and evidence transformational competencies such as international-mindedness.

Prior to this, Jane has gained over 24 years of experience in teaching and senior leadership roles dedicated to providing a high quality holistic and inclusive education for pupils from 3-18 years.

Jane is proud to have been part of the inception and incubation of the Compassionate Systems work. She passionately believes that it is education that builds our future. Jane recognizes that compassionate, systemic and regenerative solutions are vital to the future well-being of ourselves and our planet. To achieve these, it is essential to empower young people as agents of positive change. Jane is committing to this work as the next step to developing her own capacity so that she can apply her energies more effectively to ensuring that future unfolds.