Certification Program for Compassionate Systems Master Practitioners

Class of 2020 – 21

Despite the uncertainties of COVID-19 and impact of restricted travel, we were delighted to launch our second cohort, the Class of 2020-21, in September 2020.

In this year’s cohort we have 37 master practitioners-in-training participating, all alumni of our introductory workshops, from 7 different countries: Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States. Most come from educational systems where Compassionate Systems is already in place and blossoming, while others are newly developing the work in their own ecosystems.

We’ve addressed the challenge of limited travel by introducing new and varied virtual convenings to help practitioners form relationships within one another, develop their contemplative practice and receive support on their projects. In addition to deepening their knowledge of the Compassionate Systems tools and practices within a learning community, these practitioners are tasked with developing their own unique projects to introduce and grow Compassionate Systems within their unique, local contexts.

They’ve also benefited from learning directly from guest faculty on a variety of topics. Center Contemplative Faculty Hanneli Ågotsdatter regularly supports them in ‘why and how’ to develop their own contemplative practice. Danish organizational theory expert Steen Hildebrandt Ph.D. challenged them to consider how to introduce and elevate conversations with their stakeholders around the U.N. Sustainable Development Global Goals. Andrew Jones of Climate Interactive shared a hands-on climate simulation tool they can use with their stakeholders, plus reminded them how the core competencies of personal mastery, visioning, the use of and systems thinking tools and facilitating reflective conversations can create conditions to engage others in discussing and addressing climate change.

New this year has been the involvement of our “graduated” Class of 2019-20 Certified Master Practitioners, many of whom volunteered to mentor the master practitioners-in-training. We have such appreciation for them, for their generosity of time and commitment to help “build the bench” of new master practitioners. Several of the Certified Master Practitioners have moved into new roles in different organizations, and yet we see them continue to teach, deepen and spread Compassionate Systems within their new organizations and contexts. Observing firsthand how these new relationships are developing across organizations and countries embodies the Center’s vision of fostering systems of profound interconnectedness.


Launching in 2021: Class of 2021-22

We plan to launch a new and third cohort in 2021. With so many educators attending our Introduction to Compassionate Systems Framework and Foundations for Systems Leadership workshops, we are experiencing a burgeoning interest from many asking how they might take a deeper dive and become a Compassionate Systems Master Practitioner. The plans for a new Class of 2021-22 cohort are currently underway and will be posted on our website in January 2021.



Contributor: Julie Diaz, Program Manager

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