Hanneli Aagotsdatter

Hanneli Ågotsdatter

Contemplative Faculty


M.A., psychotherapist, architect and meditation teacher. She is contemplative faculty at the Center for System Awareness. She teaches and facilitates the contemplative programs for the Center’s global community.

Hanneli is the founder of Kontemplation which offers contemplative programs and group retreats where mindfulness, presence yoga, compassion and creativity are interwoven into an integrated practice.

She is a part of the organizational group behind The Danish Society for the Promotion of Life Wisdom in Children, an association placing special emphasis on relational competence, teaching the practice of empathy and presence to professionals working with children and young people.

Together with Martijn van Beek, associate professor at Aarhus University, she conducts Mind&Life Europe‘s yearly retreats for young scholars in the area of contemplative studies.

Hanneli lives at Vækstcenteret, a contemplative community in Denmark under the guidance of founder Jes Bertelsen, dividing her time between counseling, teaching, and long-term individual meditation retreats.