Youth work

By the Youth Leadership Team


Compassionate Climate

Compassionate Climate is a program that expands our efforts in the area of climate change, and provides a transdisciplinary learning space for understanding the system’s dynamics of climate change, through the compassionate systems framework. The project is maturing as the participants of the second cohort of students, teachers and educational leaders are becoming ambassadors of the En-Roads simulator this spring. En-Roads is a climate change simulator developed by Climate Interactive, Ventana Systems and MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative which is informed by cutting edge scientific research. The simulator cuts right  through the overwhelming noise of information and offers high-leverage climate solutions.

We, at the Center for Systems Awareness, aspire to grow the knowledge and expertise in specific contexts where teachers and students navigate. We therefore recommend they participate as teams in these Compassionate Climate workshops. Our third cycle will start soon, and we will let you know when the dates are finalized. 


Youth Council

The Youth Council has 12 youths as members from four different countries (Indonesia, Denmark, India and Thailand). The council meets every second week to develop their capacities to hold the space for facilitating the Compassionate Systems framework. We have a structure that allows the members to refresh and/or learn a tool in our pre-session called “tool-box session”, which is followed by a collective learning space where we actively train and get an embodied understanding of the tools. We are thrilled to work closely with this group of young compassionate systems practitioners. Listening to the vivid stories of their lives as students around the world is one of the most meaningful practices we can think of, and it supports our sense of what it means to be young and navigating in the world today. 

The youth members will contribute and co-facilitate spaces in Compassionate Climate and students’ training in British Columbia. The students’ learning experiences are being harvested, shared and considered when shaping the future of how we co-create across projects, schools and positions.   

In the council we’ve started out by learning, and practising using the “Mandala for systems Change”.
The tool has provided the group with a sense of direction. 


Training in school sites 

We are happy to announce a new training program and collaboration with The International School of Zug and Luzern (ISZL) in Switzerland. The training will engage a small group of middle school students in the compassionate system framework, and potentially expand the youth ambassador group. 

A new collaboration between United World College (U.W.C.) in Changshu, China, and the British School of Jakarta (BSJ) in Indonesia has taken shape, and a combined training program has started this March. This training is our first collaboration involving both trained and untrained students from two different schools as well as educators from U.W.C. The aim of the training is to create space for a peer-to-peer learning experience around the compassionate system’s framework.








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