New and Upcoming Youth Council Cycle

By The Youth Leadership Team


Youth Council

The youth council with student members from four different countries (Denmark, Thailand, Indonesia, and India) has been meeting regularly to grow their Compassionate Systems capacities. The upcoming sessions of this cycle are student led and will be collaboratively designed and facilitated.
They are titled:

  • Finding & Organizing Around Ourselves
  • Systems Dynamics and SDGs
  • Building Our Team

New members can apply anytime and will be enrolled in the toolbox sessions every second week.
To receive more information on the application process, reach out to

Read what the council members have to say:

“The compassionate systems have really changed how I think (…) It has become a habit to look below the surface and look deeper”
Caitlyn Limbert, British school of Jakarta

“Being four countries represented makes me think about other people that are not in my country or in my social group”
Zara Sattar, British school of Jakarta

“We don’t see the same things, but being a part of the project allows us to see things from a different perspective”
Journey, DSIL

Pulling out one’s sunglasses creates a playful lightness that awakens vulnerability.

Youth Leadership in California

Rask Wanscher, from the Youth Leadership Team attended the Foundations for Compassionate Systems workshop in Ventura, California. This was the first time that a member of the Youth Leadership Team presented their work to the California community of practitioners in person.
To receive more information,  please reach out to


Climate Change & You:

Using Compassionate Systems Framework and Climate Simulation to Combat Climate Crisis

The Youth Leadership Team is hosting a summer program in collaboration with the RISE initiative. About 75 brilliant young minds from across the world will be participating in this program focused on the most pressing systemic issue of our time; the climate crisis.

This program is inspired by our Compassionate Climate program and aims to equip the youth with a systemic understanding of the climate crisis as well as the inner tools needed to deal with the emotions that follow this understanding. Furthermore, Emphasis will be laid on developing communication skills and community building. To receive more information, please reach out to

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