Certification Program for Compassionate Systems Master Practitioners:
Class of 2023-24
Michael Stubberup B.A. and M.A
Founder and CEO for SYNerGAIA & boardmember of Vaekstcenteret, Denmark

Michael Stubberup is founder and CEO for SYNerGAIA, a systemic rehabilitation center for traumatized refugees. He is a member of a number of boards and, since 1997, he has been a member of the executive committee at the Vaekstcenteret in Norre Snede, an existential meditation centre in Denmark. He is one of the co-founders of The Danish Society for the Promotion of Life Wisdom in Children.

Together with Professor Steen Hildebrandt, Michael established Sustainable Leadership – Leading from the Heart (2012)Read more here. 

In collaboration with Arawana Hayashi and the Presencing Institute, they run master programs on sustainable eco-creation and practicing presencing.

He is an author of several books.