Certification Program for Compassionate Systems Master Practitioners:
Class of 2022-23
2012.10.30.Helle Jensen. Psykolog. Har skrevet en ny bog. ©.foto. Lars Aarø. Fokus
Helle Jensen

A psychologist and family therapist. She has among other things been teaching relational competence and how to develop mindfulness, empathy and compassion for educators in different European countries. She is responsible for the school staff programme of “Hand in Hand”, an EU funded programme aimed at enhancing social-emotional-intercultural competences for 8th grade students (, and is currently responsible for the “Empathie macht Schule” Berlin Project about implementing the whole school approach to the work with relational competence, empathy, compassion and presence in German schools ( . She also directs the two-year training programme “Training Empathy” (

She is the author of numerous publications, including Relational Competence. Towards a new Culture of Education with Jesper Juul, Empathy – it´s what holds the world together (with Jesper Juul, Peter Høeg and others) and Hellwach und ganz bei sich: Achtsamtkeit und Empathie in der Schule.