National Center for Youth Law – California, USA

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The Compassionate Systems program at the National Center for Youth Law currently includes teams embedded within school districts in seven regions across California and Arizona focused on helping youth in foster care, experiencing homelessness or involved with the juvenile justice system to graduate from high school with many options for their futures. We believe youth learn, heal and thrive in context to healthy, connected relationships and when they have an empowered voice into the design of school policies and practices that impact their daily lives.

We have joined in solidarity with a growing movement across the county to ensure equitable educational opportunities and experiences for ALL youth and partner with youth, families, teachers, counselors, social workers, community leaders, and other advocates to build the conditions under which:

  • Children and youth experience school as a place of belonging, where friendships are nurtured, and where trusting and supportive relationships with teachers are formed and deepened.
  • Parents and family are welcomed and feel a part of the school community as empowered advocates for their children.
  • System and community leaders are oriented in meaningful collaboration with a shared vision, working together to ensure that every single young person is respected and connected with resources that lift up their unique strengths and needs
  • Teachers, counselors, social workers and other professionals working directly with young people are appreciated, supported and connected with one another.


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Here is a short video that exemplifies the type of impact our work is creating for youth and adults.