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Dulwich College (Singapore) is a K-12  co-educational day school founded in 2014. We aspire to be one of the leading international schools in the world so that our students can make a positive difference by Graduating Worldwise.

At the College we are working to transform our support of student and staff well-being. One aspect of work in this area is our implementation of the “Compassionate Systems Framework” an approach to teaching and learning which looks to support the well-being and mental health of students as well as giving them deep thinking skills which will serve them well into their adult lives.

The framework combines two key components: the first, a series of systems thinking tools that can be used in any curriculum context to help students to understand the deep interconnectedness of the complex issues we discuss in the classrooms.  These tools also structure their learning and encourage a conceptual understanding of the issue being studied, they are used in particular to explore complex issues like the UNSDGs which are the focus of many areas of our curriculum. The second component is a set of practices and approaches which work to develop emotional literacy with the students. Students gain a deep understanding of some of the World’s most challenging issues, at the same time they gain the compassion and empathy to appreciate the human connectedness in these issues whilst not becoming overwhelmed by the challenges they bring psychologically and emotionally.

You can read more about our school at https://singapore.dulwich.org/

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