Troels Skytt crop2_kvadrat

Troels Skytt

Executive Assistant to Dr. Mette Miriam Böll

Troels holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with a specialty in intensive/critical care. He has extensive experience in the hospital environment. As an Executive Assistant and Un-consultant, Troels takes joy in helping and supporting others. With his background in the health sector and interpersonal skills, he ensures a smooth workflow and assistance in various professional settings.

With humility, Troels aims to make a positive impact, remaining present in every interaction, and inspiring others to find fulfillment while staying connected and grounded. He is a certified Yin yoga teacher and has received teachings in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) from Aarhus University. Troels practices daily contemplation and attends yearly retreats. He resides in Denmark and finds solace in activities like hiking, diving, tennis, and mountain biking, connecting with nature.