Miho Kito

Director of Programs

Miho Kito is the Programs Lead at the Center for Systems Awareness. With a diverse professional background that includes experience as a banker, management roles in startups, and expertise as an Organizational Development & Human Resource Management consultant, Miho brings a unique blend of skills and insights to her current position.

Originally from Japan, Miho’s career journey has been marked by a transformational shift in focus, driven by a profound realization of the significance of leadership and education. Her passion for organizational development, leadership, and education has become the driving force behind her work at the Center for Systems Awareness.

Miho holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Developmental Science (B. Ed.) and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (M.S.), showcasing her commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. With a strong foundation in both academic knowledge and real-world experience, Miho is dedicated to advancing the Center’s mission and fostering positive change in the field of Compassionate systems awareness.

Genuine curiosity toward learning fuels Miho’s drive to explore new possibilities and innovate in her role. Her vision is to contribute to a world where everyone reveals their strengths and thrives, regardless of their environment or any factors beyond their control. She believes in the power of compassionate systems and transformative leadership to create an inclusive and empowering space for individuals to flourish.

As part of her role, Miho covers vast administrative work at the center, playing a pivotal role in various aspects of its operations. Her responsibilities encompass global community building, where she fosters connections and collaborations within the Center’s community of practice. Additionally, Miho actively contributes to the design and support of the generative learning fields within the workshops, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for participants. Her dedication to creating a vibrant and inclusive learning environment shines through her meticulous attention to detail and innovative approaches.