Yenifer Nahar

Positive Psychology & Wellbeing Practitioner
Indonesia Hub | ASIA

Yenifer is curious about the components contributing to human flourishing, cultivating positive relationships and personal growth, and an explorer of the connections between the science of emotions, skills, strengths, and habits and how these increase life balance and wellbeing.

She has lived in Venezuela, Portugal, The Netherlands, and currently lives with her husband in Indonesia. Yenifer’s professional background includes world-class hospitality, international education, and diplomatic and military culture. Yenifer uses her skills as a certified Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Practitioner and Compassionate Integrity Training Facilitator, combined with her strengths of love of learning and zest for life to navigate the path and concepts shaping thriving environments and resilient communities.

Yenifer loves connecting with her two children, and in her free time, she likes finding flow savouring mindful walks in nature, playing with calligraphy and watercolours, and cultivating her creative thinking to make a positive difference in the ecosystems where she is and in the life of others.