Tina Lykkegaard Marker

Head of Schools and School Department
Rødovre Municipality
Denmark Hub | EUROPE

Tina is a curious, calm and innovative thinking person. She knows that changes begin within herself. To her the essence of collaboration is to help bring the best potential to light in each individual, so that we together can deliver the best result that is greater than the sum of individuals. Transforming schools, educational frameworks and processes have always motivated Tina, and she thrives in the privilege of having good colleagues and a large network that can constantly challenge and develop her. A key statement from her could be a simple as…”What if?”

Key skills
Leadership – Overview, calmness and direction
Innovation – Re-thinking solutions of tomorrow to gain better quality and economy
Networking – Relationship in focus, openness
Co-creation – Inviting employees, students, citizens to join and co-create
Prototyping – Explore and enhance opportunity and challenges towards a new solution

Career Summary
From the time she was a little girl, she knew that she wanted to enter the world of education. To learn something new has always been at the top of her mind. Originally, she started out as a public school teacher in 1999. The strive for involvement, making a difference, creating spaces and collaborations have brought her through local leadership roles as school principal, head of a public department to where she today work as head of the schools in a municipality.

Tina was educated as a teacher back in 1999, and ten years later she attended her first diploma leadership course. A few years later, she was educating herself again this time joining a master program. The master programs title is ‘Leadership and Innovation in Complex Systems’.

Tina knows that everything happens in relationships and when we manage truly to listen to each other; it can move or transform everything. She is a network creator and outreaching in a variety of relationships. If you ask Tina, she would say, that we learn best where diversity flourishes. She is concerned about how we become good at challenging the existing, gets good at asking curious questions with a focus on promoting quality, and create momentum. We need to start moving from perfection to reflection.

Family: Married with two happy, beautiful and inquisitive boys of 13 and 15 years. Tina and her family live in a house near the forest and water, which she is using to keep herself in shape by running.