Tanya Azak

Principal, Gitwinksihlkw Elementary School
Nisga’a School District #92
Canada: British Columbia Hub | NORTH AMERICA

“Tanya Azakhl way̓. Nisga’a n̓iiy̓, Ksim Lax̱gibuu n̓iiy̓ ii Wilps ksdiyaawaḵ wil w̓itgwiy̓.  Miinhl Siwilaakws niiy, ii Gitwinksihlkw Elementary School wil dii hahlalsiy̓.”  

Tanya Azak is a Nisga’a educator living on the ancestorial lands of the Nisga’a people in the beautiful community of Gitwinksihlkw. Currently, Tanya is a principal, a classroom teacher, and a Nisga’a language teacher at Gitwinksihlkw Elementary School. Her career in education, began 22 years ago as a guided reading assistant then a classroom teacher for 10 years, now in her 7th year as a principal at Gitwinksihlkw Elementary.   

Tanya is passionate about Nisga’a language and culture revitalization through engaging learners with meaningful and creative opportunities that nurture identity, self-confidence, and sense of agency. She is a supporter of equitable and inclusive educational practices for all learners, in any stage of life.

Tanya is a proud mother if two beautiful children and three wonderful dogs.  She is a devoted member of her community, culture, and traditional practices.

Sayt k’il’ wil dip siip’insim’ Sayt k’il’im Goot
Altogether one love. Altogether one heart.