Surat Tanprasertkul

Vice President
Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning
Thailand Hub | ASIA

Surat Tanprasertkul is the Vice President with the Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning (DSIL) within King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi in Bangkok, Thailand.

DSIL is an innovative constructivist school in Thailand which uses a project-based learning model. Moreover, it provides a Constructionist learning environment. At this school, students may pursue projects they are interested in and have real hands-on learning experiences, an alternate to conventional classroom methods.

Working for DSIL since 2003, Surat began as a research assistant with the Institute of Field Robotics. Later in 2006, she became a Facilitator designing, developing and organizing project-based learning pedagogies for students, particularly for the secondary level in science subjects. In 2009, she became a Senior Facilitator supervising new teachers in teaching and learning pedagogy. She’s been in her current role as Assistant Director since 2013, and her main responsibilities and expertise are designing teaching curriculum and pedagogy for the secondary level, teaching management, and teacher trainings and supports.

Surat is interested in active learning, project-learning, inquiry-based learning, career-based learning, agriculture technology and sufficiency economy.

She chose to join in the Certification Program for Compassionate Systems Master Practitioners because she wants to develop her facilitation skills to better work with her students and colleagues, supporting them to grow up with happiness and success in their lives.