Samantha McCary

Training and Development Manager
Bay Area Community Resources
California Hub | USA

My family always encouraged me to be proud of who I am and own it! I’ve always had leadership qualities and the ability to use my voice in different spaces. I was always in some performing arts program, choir, youth group or some program that allowed me to create and be a leader. I didn’t have all of the answers to my questions, but I knew a few things for certain, I wanted to sing, work with people, write and help others in whatever capacity I could. I was able to bridge all of those things that I naturally loved to do! 

Fast forward to later in life, I became an instructor and not too long after became an assistant. Next thing I knew, I was a Program Coordinator running my own after school program, which had a performing arts and sports league focus. We were transforming students that came through our program. We gave them a platform to use their voice and talents! I even began doing artist management and development for music artists in the music industry. 

I eventually became a program manager, in which I managed 8 elementary schools. My purpose was to help people find their way and path! I had to be the person to encourage, provide insight and strategies to help others tap-into the best versions of themselves. I began looking for professional development opportunities for myself to gain more tools and knowledge. I became a Clifton Strengths Coach with Gallup and began to coach people in alignment with their natural talents. I coached almost 100 hundred employees within my agency on their strengths, even our People and Culture Department. Now, Strengths will be folded into the agency’s annual plan! Due to all my efforts and work, I have received a promotion! I am now the Training & Development Manager! 

I was introduced to Compassionate Systems and was completely blown away! The entire Introduction Pt. 1 and 2 spoke to my entire life’s purpose. If we do not learn to meet people where they are, tap into their strengths and be that encouraging light, we fail as a human race! I want to be the person that helps to develop and nurture generative social fields with all people I encounter, in some way, shape or form! We must learn to take care of our people and give them a different lens that is supportive, loving, effective and thriving! Using my strengths: Communication, Empathy, Strategic, WOO and Positivity, along with the compassionate systems framework, the sky isn’t even the limit!