Rask Wascher Kjær

Youth Leadership and Well-being Champion
Center for Systems Awareness
Global Youth Leadership | GLOBAL

My name is Rask Wanscher and I am working in the Youth Leadership Team at the Center for Systems Awareness as Youth Leadership and Well-being Champion. I am also studying Education Science at Århus University in Copenhagen where I live. Through my previous experience as an external teacher at schools and as a parkour coach, I had the opportunity to understand the reality of the educational system and how to create meaningful learning experiences. It has always been my passion to create an educational system where the next generations get the skills they need to thrive in and change the world with compassion and leadership. I believe that education is a key leverage point in creating profound systemic change in the world.

I have been involved in the work of the Youth Leadership Team for many years but joined the team in the summer of 2020 where I also joined the second cohort of the Master Practitioner program which I completed in 2021. Since then, I have been working with educators and students at various sites to support the integration of Compassionate Systems in the classroom and helping the students develop their capacities. As we engage more and more students from around the world, we are building and expanding the global community of students to connect and work together on various projects.

Furthermore, as an ambassador of the EnRoads climate simulator, I co-facilitate the Center’s Compassionate Climate learning journeys, where students and educators explore the systems dynamics in the climate crisis and develop our inner capacities to deal with this crisis.

Besides my job, my passion is rock climbing and I love to go on climbing trips where I get to reconnect with nature and explore the world.