Ole Dines Fogh Nielsen

Souschef SFO
Universet/Kærhuset, Hendriksholm Skole SFO
Denmark Hub | EUROPE

I am the vice leader of an after school club and passionate about giving children a valuable free time in my institution. I often find myself using time with the challenged children and find great strength in that. My daily functions comprise making schedules, bandaging wounds, being a craftsman as well as conflict management. I find great joy in changing challenges and am a staff who is always helping.

At 18 I became a trained bricklayer and worked as a bricklayer on many different projects. Later I worked in a hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. Over time, I had many different jobs until I chose education as a pedagogue. After my wife and I moved to Copenhagen, I took the diploma program in pedagogy, and later as a leader I took the diploma program in leadership. 

Lately I have been on a small course in Compassionate Systems with some of my colleagues in the Rødovre municipality.

I am 53 years old. I live in Søborg in Copenhagen with my family. In my free-time, I play drums in a small band, I like to ride mountain bikes, running/training and taking long walks. I also love being together with friends and family, talking and listening to music and having a cold organic beer.