Nicola Wilson

Compassionate Systems Framework Lead (Junior School)
Dulwich College Singapore
Singapore Hub | ASIA

Nicola Wilson is a Junior School Teacher and Project Leader for the Compassionate Systems Framework at Dulwich College (Singapore). She has worked in primary education for the past 8 years in both the UK and international school systems.

Born in Hertfordshire, England, Nicola then went on to study Politics and Economics at The University of Manchester. Having a vision of making a difference to the lives of children and people in need through politics. It soon became clear to her that this could be achieved directly through education. 

Nicola then completed her Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and worked in an inner-city London borough. Part of her role included delivering parent workshops on how to ensure the families and schools worked together to provide the best possible start in life for children from deprived backgrounds.

Wanting to travel and experience education in an international setting, Nicola moved to Dulwich College Suzhou (China). Here she was a Head of Year and worked to develop the curriculum and a range of school policies. Wanting to stay within Dulwich, Nicola moved on to Dulwich College (Singapore) and began her role as the Project Lead for the Compassionate Systems Framework in the Junior School. She is responsible for ensuring the Compassionate Systems Framework is woven into the school culture. This is achieved by working with different curriculum departments, building capacity in others, and leading a Compassionate Systems Framework Student Leadership group. This is her third year in the role of Project Leader and the tools are now widely used across the curriculum to deepen conceptual understanding. She describes the impact of these tools on her class as astounding.

Nicola is incredibly excited to take part in this programme. She recently completed the introduction workshop in Singapore. Having seen the direct and profound impact the tools and check-in practices have on children; Nicola also began meditating and journaling in her personal life. She is looking forward to developing her knowledge further through this exciting opportunity.