Naomi Dimacali

Director | Assessment, Accountability and Continuous Improvement Unit
Riverside County Office of Education
U.S.: California Hub | NORTH AMERICA

Naomi Dimacali is a Director in the Assessment, Accountability, and Continuous Improvement Unit, a part of the Educational Services Division at the Riverside County Office of Education. Naomi leads technical assistance in strategic plan development and alignment for local educational agencies in Riverside County, California. She supports districts in developing meaningful and purposeful strategic plans that operationalize equity for students and families in their local communities.

Naomi is passionate about teaching, learning, and “doing what’s best for kids.” She has held various roles in her 27-year career as an educator. These positions have allowed her to engage with various stakeholders in creating generative spaces that close equity gaps and which best serve students and families. Naomi has been privileged to serve as a bilingual elementary school teacher, categorical program specialist, literacy specialist, instructional coach, assistant principal, and principal.

Naomi’s love of languages, literacy, and leadership development guided her educational career. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and spent a year studying abroad in Alcalá de Henares, Spain. She speaks, reads, and writes fluently in Spanish. Naomi’s passion for ensuring equity through literacy as a primary grade teacher in underprivileged communities compelled her to earn a Master’s degree in Reading Education. Born with innate leadership skills, or as her siblings put it – “bossiness” – Naomi is attracted toward developing positive leadership skills. Her experiences as a teacher in leadership and as site administrator gave her the opportunity to expand on her natural abilities.

Naomi consistently strives for continuous improvement of self. All paths in her personal and professional journeys have led Naomi to seek a deeper understanding of the Compassionate Systems Framework. She believes these tools and concepts will augment her personal and professional growth, making her a better partner, mother, daughter, sibling, friend, and colleague.