Nalin Tutiyaphuengprasert

Senior Vice Provost
Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning
Thailand | ASIA

Nalin Tutiyaphuengprasert is the Senior Vice Provost of Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning (DSIL) in Bangkok, Thailand. She is currently the head of office of the school director at DSIL. She is also in position of managing director of MITTA Social Enterprise, Co., LTD which is a new collaborating initiative of DSIL, MIT Alumni Association of Thailand and Suksapattana Foundation. Her main mission is to expand experiences of creative lifelong learning and Constructionism to public. She has background in Cinematography (BA) from Thammasat University in Thailand and holds two other master’s degrees, one in Business and Administration (Executive MBA 2006) from Sasin School of Business and a masters in Learning, Design and Technology from Stanford University (LDT 2015). She participated in Compassionate and Systems Awareness certification program during 2019-2020.

Nalin has been working in progressive education since 2001 at DSIL. She is interested in experiential learning, Constructionism (in the tradition of MIT Professor Seymour Papert), computational thinking and building a new learning environment in school where students and teachers can be creative and can be active members of the school community. She has experience in curriculum design, learning interaction design, use of digital fabrication (FabLab) and innovation as learning process. She has collaborated with international groups and institutions in creating collaborative learning between Thai students and educators with groups outside of Thailand especially in projects that providing opportunities for underprivileged students. (Member of the first FabLearn  cohort (Columbia University), MIT D-Lab and Thai students collaborative project, Constructionism international Network, etc.)

Nalin is recently working on local projects integrating Constructionist learning experiences with Compassionate Systems framework and expanding network of practitioners in Thailand with her strong interest in bringing psychology and social emotional learning into education both formal education and informal education. She believes that with this combination we will be able to prepare citizens with new skills to be ready to strive and sustain through disruptions in the current rapid changing world.