Monica Martin

School District 93 – Conseil Scolaire Francophone
Canada: British Columbia Hub | NORTH AMERICA

Monica is the principal at École André Piolat, a French language IB K-10 school in North Vancouver, British Colombia.  She loves to spend as much time as she can with her students and loves to collect «funny kid stories».

Inclusion is the primary value that guides her work.  Her background in Special Education informs much of her practice. She is an advocate for each one of her students and supports the belief that every student can succeed.  She is a certified trainer for Restorative Practices and has seen first-hand the value of this approach for staff and students.

Leadership development has been a part of her career from the beginning.  She loves to offer training to aspiring leaders and support new leaders as they explore the diverse challenges of this complex work.

Monica has 4 children and lots of energy to spend now that they are grown.  She loves to cook and bake and is happiest when her house is full of people.

Compassionate Systems Leadership appealed to her because she is enthusiastic about reimagining the work of education in our changing world.  She is also looking forward to connecting with others and to be a part of this exciting network of leaders.