Lorrie Brown

Founding Principal
Public School 68 Port Richmond School for Visionary Learning
New York City Department of Education
U.S.: Staten Island, New York Hub | NORTH AMERICA

Lorrie Brown is from Staten Island, New York and is the Founder and Principal of New York City Public School 68 – Port Richmond School for Visionary Learning.

First, Lorrie is a mom to four unique and talented children, ages 27, 21, 19 and 17, who have served as her greatest teachers. They have helped her to understand how the student experience shapes who they are becoming in formidable years and influence social and emotional wellbeing.

In her 25 year career with the New York City Department of Education, Lorrie has served in various roles including teacher, instructional coach and assistant principal believing that students are to be in the center of education policy and practice. Once she accepted the challenge to open and lead a community elementary school, she realized an obligation to the system. At this school, the strengths, abilities and interests of each student are acknowledged while fostering the happiness and health of each unique learner. All community stakeholders engage in wellness practices to maintain and healthy outlook for themselves as well as others. With the intention of promoting healthy minds and bodies in the Port Richmond community, Lorrie has completed certification as a Wellness Champion and Registered Yoga Teacher through Breathe for Change to extend free wellness opportunities in the community.

Bridging mindful practices and anti-racist actions through courageous conversations, Lorrie demonstrates how breathing and mindful listening slow us down so that all people may be seen, heard and valued, peacefully and productively. As a white school leader, she continues to cultivate her knowledge of critical race theory to better realize how race and power impact education and the human experience.

The Compassionate Systems Framework provides strategies and tools to shift education with disruptive innovation at a crucial time in our existence. The Master Practitioners program offers a generative space for people committed to radical and necessary change in ourselves, our organizations and the ecosystem.