Kristian Gomes Bindslev

Former Vice Principal
Maglegårdsskolen School
Denmark HUB | EUROPE

Kristian Gomes Bindslev is a former Vice Principal at a public school in Denmark, Maglegårdsskolen, Gentofte Municipality, Copenhagen Area. Maglegårdsskolen (Maglegaardsskolen) is one of Gentofte’s 13 public schools, and the school that was been involved with prototyping the Compassionate Systems Framework in Denmark.

Kristian has been working in the public school system in Denmark for the past 16 years, and since 2008, has served in leadership positions. In November 2015, he began working as Vice Principal at Maglegårdsskolen where they began prototyping the Triple Focus: emotional, social and systemic intelligence combined into a new approach in education, and what has since evolved into the Compassionate Systems Framework (CSF). In May 2016, he and his team began implementing the framework with 70 students and one team of 11 teachers. Seeing the outcome of this prototype work has been remarkable in every imaginable way in terms of the students’ academic results, the change in mindset of both students and teachers, and in the emergence of generative social fields involving positive changes in experienced school atmosphere and learning environment. He has played a key role in supporting this process of change at the school.

Kristian has a bachelor’s degree in education, a diploma in leadership and public governance and is currently writing his thesis to complete his master’s degree in business coaching (MBC, EMCC-accredited, EQA, master practitioner). In this specific context he will be trying to investigate the possible synergetic effects that can be gained from combining a philosophical protreptic approach with the ideas in the CSF.

Kristian’s aspirations for participating in the Certification Program for Compassionate Systems Master Practitioners were, first of all, to gain knowledge and build on practices, to learn with and from others in the network, and to develop a mindset and skillset to be able to contribute to the dissemination of CSF, promoting systemic awareness founded on the motive of compassion.

Kristian and his team have been working to integrate the CSF the past three years with students at his school. It has been well worth all the efforts and this work will continue and evolve. He now also wishes to work putting the CSF ideas and approaches into play on a larger organizational level, focusing on how teachers, parents, leaders, board members, students, school consultants and others can find new and more healthy, productive (and probably therefore also more efficient) and sustainable ways of working together. He also aspires to assist others (other schools in the vicinity of Gentofte or school systems elsewhere) in taking on the job of leading schools and organizations towards more sustainable ways of functioning and creating learning with and for children.