Kirsten Hegner

Rødovre Municipality
Denmark Hub | EUROPE

I am working as an educational consultant in the Municipality of Rødovre – a suburb of Copenhagen. I support the schools – leaders as well as teachers and pedagogues with different projects and initiatives within the political and legal framework. One of the initiatives that I am responsible for is the cooperation between the schools and the outside world establishing contacts and developing collaborations with external learning environments such as private companies, museums etc.

I hold a MA in history and art history from University of Copenhagen and a Certificate in Museum Studies from Harvard University. I have been working with education in my entire career first as an external lecturer at the university and later as head of the education department in different museums.

I see education as the most important driver for changing the world in a better, more sustainable, fair and equal direction. My personal aim is to help make a difference for the children in Rødovre by offering them and the schools the best possible opportunities. I have always been interested in how organizations, teams and relations function and interact and how you can work in a strategic way with these. After I was introduced to Compassionate Systems, I realized that this is a way of thinking and working that combines methods, practice and a mindset. I also realized that it can be used to facilitate processes within organizations and teams, and that it enables to make a difference in the school system no matter if it is in the classroom or amongst a group of school leaders. I am very much looking forward to my immersion in Compassionate Systems and hopefully to become a Master Practitioner.

I love spending time with my family, friends and our two dogs. I enjoy weekends and holidays in our house by the countryside on the small island Møn, where attending local flea markets, hiking, swimming and cooking is among my favorite things to do.