Ka Ming Brenda Lo

Marymount Primary School
Hong Kong Hub | ASIA

Brenda holds two master’s degrees in English Language Studies and Curriculum and she has just started her leadership journey as a principal in Marymount Primary School, an aided Catholic girls’ school which uses English as the medium of instructions for most of the subjects in Hong Kong.

Over the past 20 plus years of experience in the education field, she has proven herself to be a competent leader who earns great respect from teachers, parents and students. She played significant leading roles in both Pastoral Care and Learning & Teaching Domains which allowed her to gain varied and solid leadership experience in education. Under her leadership, an integrated curriculum aiming at generic skills and interdisciplinary learning has been launched in recent years.  Being a Vice Principal in the past, she worked very closely with the head of Values Education Team and all Subject Panels to ensure the implementation of the whole-school approach in values education in the school.

She has also played the key role of a competent instructional and spiritual leader in the school management and administration.  Her interests in Ignatius Spirituality has equipped her to be a humble and reflective leader who always seek for MAGIS to be a better person in the eyes of God.  Before she became the principal, she mainly taught English Language and Religious and Moral Education in secondary and primary schools. Her lessons were always full of laughter and interaction. In the Marymount community, it aims at whole-person development and she strongly believes that education is not only grooming students for academic proficiency but also socially competency. Brenda’s aspirations for participating in the Certificate Program for Compassionate Systems Master Practitioners are to grow personally to become a better ME in God’s eyes, and to form more and more people in Marymount community which includes teachers, parents and students by developing a systems thinking mindset so that a better community can be built eventually.  She would like to learn how to use the tools and thinking models practically.  She hopes to make good use of what has been learned in the program to build a collective capacity within the Marymount community and beyond.