Jovy Leung

Head of Learning and Teaching Division
Marymount Primary School
Hong Kong Hub | ASIA

I am currently the Head of Learning and Teaching Division at Marymount Primary School, Hong Kong. I am also the Head of Curriculum Development and that of Gifted Education. I hold the MA in Drama and Theatre Education from University of Warwick, United Kingdom and am trained as a primary English teacher in Hong Kong.

I am responsible for developing the curriculum of the school, aiming at nurturing reflective young leaders with 21st century skills and emotional intelligence. In view of the needs of children to cope with the rapid-changing world, I am devoted in bringing innovations to the school in nurturing and teaching children according to their interests and needs.

I have always been passionate about teaching children to learn about and understand the surroundings through questioning and exploration. Seeing the challenges ahead in this fast-paced world, I see the importance of creativity, collaboration and compassion in children, enabling them to embrace and deal with the changes with discernment. I am eager to explore different tools in guiding children to learn and experience.

Throughout the journey of teaching, I believe that the well-being of students is as crucial as the curriculum to be taught. Amid the challenging time everyone around the globe is facing, the well-being of educators, who play a significant role in accompanying and guiding children and teenagers to embrace and hurdle the challenges together, is equally important.