Josée Renaud

District Vice Principal – Innovative Education and Francophone Culture
Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique
Canada: British Columbia Hub | NORTH AMERICA

Born in Montreal, Josée has been working with students for over 30 years. It all started with her love of the water and swimming, which led her to be a lifeguard and swimming instructor. The experience of helping people learn, improve their skills, and gain in confidence inspired her to choose a career path in Education. She completed her Bachelor of Education at McGill University, then started as a High School French teacher in Montréal for 5 years. She then moved to British Columbia and taught in several towns from K to 12, helping francophone students develop their cultural identity and love for the French language in a minority setting. She decided to pursue her Master of Education in Leadership and has been a school principal and district vice principal for the past several years. She currently collaborates with the 47 schools in her district, located all over the province of British Columbia, to develop students’ sense of belonging to the French language and culture. Her team works with over 50 community partners in the areas of the environment, First Nation studies, arts, diversity and inclusion, to create engaging and meaningful projects for students. 

In her personal life, Josée’s priority is her family. She lives in the Rocky Mountains where she enjoys skiing, swimming, hiking and biking with her husband and two daughters aged 12 and 14. She also loves to learn about new cultures and has traveled to Thailand, Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, several states in the US, Spain, France, Lithuania, Netherlands, and has lived in Australia and South Korea. She hopes to live by the ocean one day and learn to surf!

Josée is passionate about working with people’s strengths, helping others shine brighter, and spreading kindness. She believes in co-creating caring spaces, where everyone can feel loved and inspired to take risks. As a teacher and in her Leadership roles, she has always prioritized well-being. She sees the Compassionate Systems Master Practitioner as an incredible opportunity to deepen her self-exploration to better accompany the staff and students she works with. Josée is very grateful and enthusiastic for this exceptional opportunity.