Jonas Jebril

Youth Leadership Team Member
Center for Systems Awareness
Global Youth Leadership Hub | GLOBAL

Jonas Jebril joined the Youth Leadership team in 2021, and supports the team in planning and co-facilitating workshops for youth and teachers. He is currently studying psychology at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, where he lives. 

Growing up in Saudi Arabia, attending a British international school, and then moving to Denmark sparked an early interest in how different education practices can affect learning, well-being, and a sense of global connectedness. This interest developed into a belief in the growing need for disruption in education systems that can help students understand the complexities of the global challenges we face as a species. Jonas contributes to this goal by generating learning spaces that can cultivate compassionate young leaders. 

Jonas’ interest in the science and subjective experience of well-being has led him to explore contemplative traditions, practice meditation, and study psychology. He has facilitated multiple meditation workshops and guided practices with youth and students. 

Jonas has additional teaching and facilitation experience through his work as an external teacher, as well as facilitating activities, such as hiking, kayaking, parkour and dance.

In his spare time, he enjoys climbing, playing his guitar with friends and exploring the intersection between technology, economics, and politics.