Jodie Kirchner

Education Programs Coordinator
Asia Education Foundation, University of Melbourne
Australia Hub | AUSTRALIA

As an educator and leader, Jodie is passionate about we can create space for young people and adults to learn about the world, ourselves and how we can work together to create positive change. She takes a conceptual inquiry approach and enjoys developing hands-on learning experiences that promote thinking and the exploration of big ideas. Jodie taught in schools in Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong for 17 years. She is a workshop leader and school visitor for the International Baccalaureate.

Jodie is currently working as an Education Programs Coordinator at the Asia Education Foundation, The University of Melbourne.

Since attending an introduction course for Compassionate Systems in Jakarta in 2019, Jodie has become more keenly aware of the importance of understanding and developing Compassionate Systems Frameworks, with a particular focus on education. She has been working with teachers and school leaders to explore how Compassionate Systems supports individual and collective wellbeing as well as designing curriculum and learning experiences that support students to build awareness and understanding of systems, the role they play in our lives and ways we can create systems that meet the needs of communities. She is developing her understanding of how to use Compassionate Systems tools in both her professional and personal life.