Jenny Tso

Marymount Secondary School
Hong Kong Hub | ASIA

I am a religious education teacher in Marymount Secondary School. I was born in Hong Kong, educated in Canada, and completed my postgraduate studies in the UK. I came across mindfulness training 15 years ago which helped me a lot to deal with my hectic lifestyle during the time I worked in the investment bank.

Four years ago, a career change opportunity came about, which brought me closer to youngsters.  Seeing the needs in the area of social and emotional learning (SEL), but I had no clue how to share my experience with the students. I was excited after attending the Introduction to Compassionate Systems Framework in Schools workshop in June 2020.  I found hope to help students to understand, reflect on, and respond mindfully and compassionately rather than just feeling overwhelmed by the information-overloaded era. I am looking forward to launching the framework in my school.