Jennie Snyder, Ed.D.

Deputy Superintendent, Instructional Services Division
Sonoma County Office of Education
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Dr. Jennie Snyder currently serves as the Deputy Superintendent for the Instructional Services Division at the Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE). As an educator, Jennie has observed the lasting impact that caring relationships can have on the life trajectories of young people. Her leadership is grounded in a deep commitment to cultivate conditions for all learners across educational systems to feel seen, heard, and inspired.

As part of the SCOE leadership team, Jennie has fostered collaboration across departments in the service of districts across the county. She has also worked with her team in the Instructional Services Division to build partnerships with leaders at all levels to create conditions for deep learning and reflection focused on transforming learning experiences and improving outcomes for all students.

Jennie’s career in public education spans over twenty years. She has served as a middle school humanities teacher, a teacher leader, a principal, and district superintendent. She currently serves as Chair of the Curriculum and Instructional Steering Committee for the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association. She also leads the work of the Sonoma County Office of Education as a geographic lead agency as part of the California Statewide System of Support.